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Most positions are at the manager, director, and vice president levels.



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Privacy Statement

We consider Client Company and Candidate Confidentiality one of our primary functions. We offer the following procedures to assure we meet Company and Candidate requirements.

   Standard Job Order Procedures:

  1. We will not publish company names, specifics locations, or any job details needed beyond general requirements, area or information the client does not want made public.
  2. We will publish the job order on our site, allow some controlled distribution on recruiting networks and other media as needed.

 Highly Confidential Job Order Procedures:

  1. We will not publish or release company name, specific job descriptions, specific locations, or specific job titles, or any data that would identify client company .
  2. The job order will not be published on our site, released to other recruiters, agencies or networks. Candidates will not be advised as to company name until initial company phone interview is scheduled.


Standard Resume/Cover Letters Processes.

  1. Candidate data should identify a specific Job Order .
  2. Any location, relocation, salary or other restrictions should be mentioned for a better understanding of candidate needs.
  3. Resume restrictions for distribution or review should be identified.
  4. Candidate resumes may be shared with other recruiters, networks, internet sites, or other publications. Candidate will be contacted prior to their presentation to any company for their approvals.

 Confidential Resumes Processes.

A. Resume/Cover Letter should reference a specific Job Order,  and be clearly marked as confidential if required.

B. Resume marked as confidential will not be shared with other recruiters, agencies or published in the public domain, unless a release is obtained from the candidate for a specific job order.

C. Candidate will be contacted prior, to any form of presentation, to any company, for their release